Career Ready Education Through Experiential Learning

Pamela Northrup, Robin Colson, Karen Rasmussen

Published 2021, IGI Publishing

Chapter 7

Art + Science Knowledge Building: ASKXXI Pilot – Personalized Learning Through an Ecology of Practices (pages 106-135)

Genevieve G. Tremblay, Jeff Brice

ASKXXI, Arts and Science Knowledge Building and Sharing in the XXI Century, was an inter-hemispheric, post-secondary diploma program aimed at fostering collaboration in art, emerging digital/virtual technologies, and the ecological sciences. The curriculum included research, fieldwork, lab, classroom and studio-based study that introduced marine and terrestrial ecologies of Southern Chile and the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The Chile-U.S. faculty facilitated the connection of relevant lines of research in both regions that address salmon sustainability, invasive species, red tide, ocean acidification, conservation, land use, wildfires, and global change.

Through the HoloLens
Experiencing the Creative, Communicative,
and Collaborative Processes

This paper documents the collaboration between Cornish College of the Arts and Microsoft Research. Cornish students produced 11 HoloLens projects that were exhibited on the Cornish Campus.
Jeff Brice and Robin Avni 2016

Design Education as an Ecology of Practices

Paper outlining the new design curriculum presented at International Design Conference, Gwangju, South Korea
Jeff Brice 2015

Fostering a Community of Innovation at the Intersection of Art+Technology in the Pacific Northwest

Workshop and Paper exploring the art and tech community in collaboration with Microsoft Research written by shelly D. Farnham, Jeff Brice, Genevieve Tremblay, Carey Christie and Ana Pinto da Silva

Beyond the Threshold, Healing Games and the Role of Presence

VR Healing Games to help alleviate pain for burn victims by Cornish Students in collaboration with Firsthand Technologies.
Paper presented at Isea, Istanbul
Jeff Brice 2011